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मनीषा दयाल

Manisha Dayal, Psy.D.



My belief is that different theoretical orientations play an imperative role in understanding the myriad of issues we face. While traditional psychological theories can be appropriate frameworks to understand humans, they are incomplete. I believe there are multiple other factors to consider that have traditionally not been addressed in Western Psychology and dealing with clients with a relational, anti-oppressive, climate-aware, body-inclusive lens helps build safety and trust.


We are living in a culture deeply impacted by isolation and despair. My hope is that together we can help you heal and become whole through the connection you have with yourself, others, nature, Mother Earth, and of course, with me. I believe strongly in the sacred connection between the mind and body and with evidence-based treatments, we will explore and understand ways in which your body is holding on to trauma and the nervous system adaptations you had to make to survive your life experiences. With your help, we can tailor a treatment that is best for you so that you can begin your path to healing, feeling safer, and living a fulfilling life. Know that as you heal, parts of me heal too.


I deeply respect the therapist/client relationship and believe it to be very sacred in providing a safe container for warmth, humor, and openness in how I approach our work together. In therapy, the initial sessions will be spent getting to know you and establishing a secure and comfortable therapeutic alliance. As we get deeper into your process, I will help guide you toward empowerment and a greater connection to yourself and the world around you. 

I graduated with my doctorate from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 1996 and through my varied work experiences, have deeply committed myself to understanding the profound impact of trauma and how it influences relationships. I am a work in progress and a perpetual student who is always finding different and innovative treatment modalities to help my clients (and myself) live the life they desire. My own life experiences and identities have helped me create a path for clients that is socially just and addresses how systemic issues have a profound impact, particularly on marginalized folx. 

Connection and interconnectedness are how I help my clients grow and it’s how I grow too. At times, the therapeutic process can be daunting, but I am committed to your growth and will both be a cheerleader and a voice of reason who is invested in your growth and healing. My bicultural and bilingual identity (Hindi/Urdu) help me understand that ultimately as humans, we are seeking a sense of belongingness.

I have served as an Associate/Affiliate Faculty at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and an Adjunct Professor at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. In addition to private practice and consultation, I am also a volunteer psychologist with the Kovler Center and work with survivors who have experienced political torture. I have also served as a volunteer on the Emergency Response Team for the American Red Cross Association and continue to volunteer my time to various causes that are close to my heart.

I am also a PSYPACT provider who is authorized to practice telehealth in 39 states (with more being added each year). Since the beginning of 2020, I have been providing secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth appointments and clients have found it to be very effective.

On a personal level, I am an avid reader and animal lover, am invigorated by long walks in nature, dabble in some writing and photography, love to travel, enjoy music, movies, and deep conversations and shared activism with loved ones. 


I look forward to the opportunity of making this a meaningful experience for not only you, but also me, as I strongly believe that therapy is a collaborative process.

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