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  • Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes long and are scheduled weekly, especially in the beginning. Based on your clinical needs, your sessions may be shorter or longer. By the time people decide to come to therapy, they have been struggling for quite some time. Weekly therapy helps keep you accountable, motivated, and allows us to meet your goals in a consistent and efficient manner. 

  • Currently, I am offering sessions virtually but do maintain an office in Lakeview for emergency and limited in-person appointments. Many clients find that attending therapy virtually in a comfortable, safe place without the worry of commute and balancing multiple responsibilities allows them to be more committed to the process.

  • I am licensed as a psychologist in the state of Illinois. I am also a PSYPACT provider who is authorized to practice telehealth in 39 states (with more being added each year). Since the beginning of 2020, I have been providing secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth appointments and clients have found it to be very effective. 

  • It is my belief that each client, couple, or family is unique and therefore, the length of treatment will vary. Depending on the issue of complexity, some clients will find relief in just a handful of sessions, while many people continue for longer. Some people are engaged in the process for many years, while others choose to re-engage after taking a pause in treatment, only to reenter therapy at different points throughout their life. It's my belief that people should have access to therapy as long as they desire.


    Multiple factors determine the length of therapy including the complexity and severity of the issues, your response to therapy and the process of healing (which is different for each person), and your willingness and desire to commit to this process. I am happy to help you navigate this process and will also be forthcoming and ethical in making sure you continue to develop coping skills outside of our sessions so that you can continue to heal and live a fulfilling life. 

  • Therapy is an incredibly sacred process, so a good fit is very important. I encourage you to give it a few sessions to determine if I am the right person for you. If we determine collectively that we aren’t a good fit, I am more than happy to give you referrals to other therapists who might be a better fit for you. What's happening in the world, cultural events, structures of society, the news, all of this impacts you. You get to take ownership of your sessions and they belong to you. The process of self-disclosure by me as the therapist is only used to add much needed levity (trust me, it is needed at times), and to contextualize and normalize your experience.

  • In general, laws and ethics protect the confidentiality of all communications between a client and therapist. No information is disclosed without prior written permission from the client. However, there are some exceptions required by law to this rule. These exceptions include:

    • Suspected child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse. The therapist is required to report this to the appropriate authorities immediately. 

    • If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person. The therapist is required to notify the police. 

    • If a client intends to harm themselves. The therapist will make every effort to work with the individual to ensure their safety. However, if an individual does not cooperate, additional measures may need to be taken. 

    • By using insurance, the client allows their insurance company to access confidential information. This is the only way insurance will pay for sessions.

  • I accept all major credit cards, HSA, and FSA cards. Clients will be required to sign on to the client portal and enter all financial and insurance information before the first session takes place. After insurance pays for the session, cards will be charged based on the deductible and co-pay. If you are a self-pay client, your card will be charged after the session takes place.

    See more here.

  • Your session time is uniquely scheduled for you. Because of the nature of my work and the type of clients I see all sessions need to be cancelled 48 hours in advance. If you do not show up for your scheduled session, you will be charged the full session fee. The only exception is during a life-threatening emergency and/or other challenging situations. If you must reschedule for a work-related issue, you will still be charged the full session fee. I am very respectful of my clients’ scheduling requirements and would like the same planning and diligence from you.

  • I understand that sometimes things happen. If you are running more than 20 minutes late, your session will be canceled, and you will be charged the full session fee. This can not be billed through your insurance company. On my end, I try to be prompt but if I am running late by a minute or two, I will let you know as well.

  • Your privacy and the confidentiality of our sessions is very important to me. If we happen to bump into each other socially (which is not an uncommon occurrence) or in a public place, I will take your lead in terms of how you choose to initiate contact. Some clients feel completely at ease approaching me and/or introducing me to their loved ones, some clients don't. If I am with other people, for confidentiality reasons I will not introduce you and will let you take the initiative. In the event that this happens, if you are an existing client, we can discuss this if and if you are a client I am no longer seeing, your well-being and confidence will always be something I will follow in an ethical, HIPAA compliant manner.

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