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I believe strongly in the rights of trans, gender fluid, and nonbinary folx. It is my belief that you know exactly what you need to live the life you desire for YOU. I unequivocally support gender affirming surgery. Together, you and I will assess what your needs and gender goals are during our first appointment. I will then support your gender affirming surgery (should you choose this for yourself) by writing letters that follow the required and well-established WPATH standards. I will also engage in consultation and collaboration with surgeons (if needed). I am also able to support families in transition to provide a safe space for people going through the transition process. You will not be alone in this process. 

Gender-Affirming Therapy &

Surgery Letters



"When I was younger, I wish I would have been told more often that I was right and nothing was wrong with me, that I was deserving of everything this world has to offer, and that my visions for my future were worthy of pursuit. "

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